Monday, July 4, 2011

Good Architecture

Good design is something that is unique and different from other buildings in the market. Most building are rectangular or circular, however, buildings with good architecture tends to differ from the trend, and come in different shapes and forms. Examples include the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, Sydney Opera House, etc They usually have special features as well, take changi airport terminal 3 for example, they have glass roofs to reduce the need for lights hence saving electricity and money, plants growing on walls to reduce heat. These are some of these features buildings with good architectures have to set themselves apart from other buildings in the market, not only on the outside but only features they have on the "inside". Criterias for what i would consider good design and architecture would include aesthetic design on the outside, practicality and whether it serves its functions, design on the inside and lastly special features it has that ordinary buildings don't.